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Our customers deserve exceptional service. Our main goal is to provide our customers' with quality equipment and exceptional service in every aspect of our relationship. We take tremendous pride in the experienced professionals who staff our sales, manufacturing, service, and engineering departments. We believe that great people help make the difference in providing exceptional service. Our employees at ASE Industries are caring, understanding and reacting people. Their major mission is to serve you, our customer. 

Contact these persons to help with specific needs.

Name Title E-mail 

Tony Fabiilli

Account Manager afabiilli@aseind.com
Tom Haase Account Manager haase@aseind.com
Mark Schlunz Engineering Manager schlunz@aseind.com
John Hilla Controls Engineering Manager jhilla@aseind.com
Carl LePera Chief Operating Officer clepera@aseind.com
Tony Fabiilli Field Service Manager afabiilli@aseind.com
Don Trewhella Purchasing Manager trewhella@aseind.com
23850 Pinewood, Warren, MI 48091