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Light Automation
Helicals Elevators Conveyors Flow Controls

By using gravity to move your parts and products, an ASE light automation system helps you hold down your plants’ power consumption, save on production costs and increase production—with an affordable initial investment. It could even pay for itself in less than a year.

Light automation systems have to be as cost-effective as they are versatile. That’s where ASE comes in—with adaptable systems that show sound production savings right from the start. ASE light automation is one of the most efficient, economical ways to help reduce labor costs and turn out more profitable products. Our roller-bearing and ride rail systems are gravity-operated, and can be used independently, or as support or feed systems for power automation. They’re constructed of light, yet durable blue steel, and are available in modular units—so you can adapt your system to changing products and production capacities.

Light Automation   -Gravity (Blue Steel) Handling             -Helical Storage Units

                                    -Elevators                                                  -Conveyors

                                    -Palletized Systems                                -Storage Systems

ASE light automation is a simple, effective way to get a real increase in production without a big increase in production costs.


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