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Heavy Automation
Cylinder Head Rear Axle


Click on the buttons above to see examples of a Cylinder Head Handling System and a Rear Axle Handling System.

Heavy automation systems from ASE are designed for the precise positioning and stability your products demand. And they’re built to stand up to tough working conditions, with minimum downtime and maintenance. Like our flexible systems, ASE heavy automation can be integrated with your tooling and equipment. You can create a complete automation network to move your products from your start-up operation all the way through quality control. And like ASE flexible systems, heavy automation can help you maintain part quality and create a safer, more productive work environment.

These heavy power conveyors are the product of years of experience with some of industry’s most demanding manufacturers.

Available with hydraulic or electric drive, they can easily handle bulky parts like engine blocks, cylinder heads, and drive shafts with incredible accuracy. Pallets and carrying devices can be custom-fitted to eliminate part-to-part contact. And heavy storage units handle overflow without wasting valuable floor space, or leaving your machines idle.

With an ASE heavy automation system, you’ll know your products are being handled the most efficient way possible—by some of the most precise, durable, and cost-effective equipment in the world.

We know choosing an automation system is no small decision. With ASE you’ll feel confident you’ve made the right choice.