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FINAL PHASE offers more types of standard cleaning equipment than any other manufacturer including; multi-stage, flat belt, closed loop, rotary drum or screw, washing beam, batch and turntable all available in single and multi stage.  In order to meet more specific needs, Final Phase can economically modify standard capabilities at little more than standard price. Belt size, spray nozzle configuration, processing speeds and stage functions can all be varied to suit requirements.   Final Phase is dedicated to keeping production processes moving and helping to bring costs down while at the same time, providing the most sensible approach to meeting environmental concerns.

 Final Phase washers will provide the finishing touch to your production components.  

Industrial Part Washers  - Wash , Rinse, Rust Inhibit, Blow Dry

                                              -Ambient or Heated: Gas, Steam, Electric

                                              -Conveyor, Monorail, Drum, Basket



This Monorail-type Washer cleans Ring & Pinion sets for an automotive plant.



Monorail carriers continuously transport the sets of rings and pinions through the washer.