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Rear Axle


Rear Axle Handling System

This is a palletized handling system designed and built by ASE Industries, Inc. for American Axle and Manufacturing in Detroit to handle truck rear axles.  ASE Industries, Inc. served as the integrator for the project that involved filling the finished axles' differentials with heavyweight gear oil (on the fly) and then moving them to a pack-out area for shipment to assembly plants. 

Specially designed space-saving electrically driven elevators built by ASE Industries were critical in this application that required a pallet return system that did not hinder operators' access to the parts.


A radio-frequency I.D. tag system is part of the automation provided to American Axle, along with Allen Bradley PLC control panels and several PC-based data collection terminals incorporating Graphical User Interfaces.  This state-of-the-art handling system is instrumental in its function of ensuring that every axle built is quality controlled. 

Special handling for awkward, heavy parts is an application that ASE Industries, Inc. has extensive experience in providing to the automotive and other industries.