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Weld & Assembly


Weld & Assembly systems from ASE are processed, designed, and developed with the customer, towards the common goal of providing the end user with a system that produces production parts of the highest quality.   Our systems combine the latest in today’s proven automation technology, along with manpower utilized to its’ maximum potential, to produce the most cost efficient assembly systems possible.  Our processing and proposal department will initially work with the customer as a team in developing an assembly system prior to acquisition of the product line, in order to reduce piece price costs through detailed process development and definition of assembly system requirements.

The Weld & Assembly Division will start with nothing more than an assembly print, process a complete turnkey assembly system, and deliver a system of the highest quality –on time and under budget.

Weld & Assembly   -Processing and concept                  -Mechanical & controls design

                                    -Project management                          -Mechanical & controls build

                                    -QS-9000 Documentation                    -Installation & start-up

W&A Products        -Resistance spot welding                   -GMAW (Robotic & manual)

                                    -Projection welding                               -Robotic applications

                                    -Feed & placement systems               -Sealant & adhesive apply

                                    -Material handling/transfers                -Automated assembly systems



Many companies claim to supply assembly systems.

With ASE, you’ve chosen the best for world class and quality.


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